About Us | Historic Touchstone Inn

Circa 1800, Touchstone is a quiet adobe estate secluded among tall trees at the edge of Taos Pueblo lands. One of the last visages of old Taos, Touchstone offers the astute traveler serenity and ambiance not seen elsewhere. The grounds have choice views of Taos Mountain on historic Taos Pueblo Lands. Mature trees, extensive gardens, trickling fountains, and the sound of the Rio Taos Pueblo add to the charm of Touchstone. USA Today calls Touchstone Inn “THE place to stay in Taos,” but if you have come here to talk on your phone or watch TV, you might as well stay home. Nothing works in Taos the way it is supposed to. Most phone providers are marginal, the electric grid is unstable, and the internet often goes down all over the valley – in short, Taos is like living in a third world country, but isn’t that why we love it! [Read More]